Our Values


We center on the main thing….Jesus. We tell people about what Christ has done for us. At Fiesta Church our goal is to bring people closer to God in everything we do

Sharing God’s Love Through Service

We serve with love to share His love. As we seek to meet various needs in the community, we know God will impact hearts and lives that are open to listening not because of our eloquence but because of the value of relationships formed.

Exponential Leadership

We always work to get better so we can help someone else get better! Everyone is leading someone and we believe God is calling you to personal growth in the area of leadership development.

Spiritual Disciplines

Seek God daily, first and foremost.  We schedule our values to build intentional discipline around the areas we are trying to improve.


We thrive on diversity.  Our desire is to build a multi-cultural church with a singular message, the gospel of Christ.


You get what you celebrate.  Let’s celebrate the things that bring the abundant life that Christ has into the forefront of people’s lives.

Pray For Fiesta Church

Join the Prayer team and follow along as Pastor JD and the launch team prepare to serve the local community.